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What People Are Saying

"A consummate professional"

Julie M.

Newbury, MA

Jennifer is a consummate professional and working alongside her has been a wonderful experience in every way. She is able to quickly assess which areas of the home need immediate attention and then gets right to work. Jennifer efficiently helped us tackle our paper piles and created a new filing system in our home office.

Jennifer can organize any zone in your home and perhaps most importantly, collaborates with you to make sure that the systems she puts into place are effective long after she is gone. Best wishes on twenty years in business Jennifer!

"Fast, efficient and organized"

Lee S., CEO

Cambridge, MA

I have used Jennifer and Piece of Mind for personal and commercial organizing for almost 15 years now. I had massive volumes of disorganized and hoarded materials from wine to rubbish and then some. I had three containers worth of stuff that she helped me strip down to a very small room of things. She currently is helping me manage the final step of a few small elements that I will ship overseas and then we will have taken three containers down to nothing. It is impressive and amazing.

If you want peace of mind then use Piece of Mind Organizing—Jennifer is fast, efficient, and organized. She always keeps to goals, outcomes, and delivers results while working through the masses of disorganized stuff. She has clear selection criteria and works these out with her customer.

I thank Jennifer for all the hard work and beneficial guidance as well as the organization of my possessions. I feel that she dealt with me professionally, helpfully, and without judgment about the hoarding problem. Not only is Jennifer a clear thinker, she is a wonderful person as well.

"She has helped me through times of loss and sadness"

Anne D, MIT

Arlington, MA

Jennifer has been working with me and helping me for the past 8 years. She has helped me through times of loss and sadness. She has helped me go through possessions from my sister, father, mother, and ex-husband within that time. 


Jennifer is a remarkable people-oriented person with the gift of insight and extraordinary organizational skills. She gently guides me through the process of giving up things that I haven't needed while helping me preserve what is near and dear to me. I have relied on her strength and warmth many times over the years.  


When she leaves my home, she donates, shreds, and recycles what has been sorted out while leaving me with a peaceful and orderly environment that truly feels like a home. 

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