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What We Do, How We Do It

And why it matters.

It’s true—clutter and disorganization add stress to your already busy life.

Piece of Mind is committed to helping each client achieve a stress-free, working system for home or office. We approach organizing with a holistic mindset, keeping in mind how each of your spaces or rooms relate to the others.

Our job is to create organizational solutions that meet your unique needs.  Decluttering is an option, not a necessity—you decide what goes and what stays.


Our process is kind to the environment: Recyclables, trash, and shredding are separated, and we donate anything reusable when we leave your space.

Our Services


 One Hour

This is a good way to start. I visit your space, get to you know you, how you live, and what you need. I can advise you on where to begin and provide resources if you choose to go it alone. If you then decide to work with me going forward, this fee will be credited against my visits to help organize you. —  $125 flat fee

Organizing Sessions

If you have a specific space in mind, we can jump right in. For one-time or ongoing work, I have a 3-hour minimum per visit and a 48-hour cancellation policy. Unless the location is outside my regular service area and we’ve agreed otherwise in advance, I don’t charge for travel time.

Please call 617.680.6905
to discuss rates


For customers who need occasional appointments to fine-tune an established system, I can set up periodic followup visits. I've found this to be great way to maintain positive progress after we've overhauled one or more challenging spaces.

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