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Clutter has a profound effect on our moods and self-esteem.

Modern Family magazine             

Do you have an office with stacks of unsorted papers waiting to be paid or filed?  A garage with no room for a car? A kitchen counter piled high with miscellaneous “stuff”? A bedroom closet full of clothes that don’t fit? 

 These are scenarios that so many of us can relate to. But they cause stress. Stress on time, stress on budget and stress on efficiency and effectiveness.

Celebrating over 22 years in Business!

What clients are saying

Jennifer is fast, efficient, and organized. She always keeps to goals, outcomes, and delivers results while working through the masses of disorganized stuff. She has clear selection criteria and works these out with her customer.

~ Lee S.

I thought I needed a dumpster, but apparently I just needed Piece of Mind to help me put systems into place. I dumped half of the stuff in my cupboards, closets, and cellar. I feel so clearheaded and organized now!

~ Nikki R.

When Jennifer leaves my home, she donates, shreds, and recycles what has been sorted out while leaving me with a peaceful and orderly environment that truly feels like a home. 

~ Anne D.

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