Piece of Mind/Jennifer provides the highest quality organizing service I have seen, Jennifer’s ability to organize and, re-organizing anything from personal collections to business systems is superb. Certainly, if you need files, documentation, possessions or even memorabilia organized, Piece of mind is the place to go. Jennifer is very sensitive to the needs of her clients and yet, still performs quickly and efficiently. She works hard. She is also aware of how to recycle and re-use items that may not be valued by the client, but can be used elsewhere in the world.

I cannot imagine a task as great and accomplished as effectively as Jennifer performed for me and my business in 2006. She managed to take masses of unorganized papers and possessions and give them a sensible order and organization. She is very good at purging excess and reducing the volume without discarding anything of use. She has a sound sense of what is required for legal and tax reasons, while maintaining a sense of what personal effects an individual may want to keep for personal reasons.

I cannot recommend Piece of Mind highly enough.

Lee Silverman
Modulo Systems

Jennifer was honest, forthright and very good at getting me out of my piles and into a more organized way of handling the overwhelming amount of detail that I am faced with every day. Nothing fazed her, from my office, to the kitchen, to the clutter in my closet she was “Miss Clutter Elimination”. Six years later I’m still following her wonderful coaxing and organizational recommendations. She comes highly recommended.

John DeLorey
Newburyport MA

"Wow, my room has doubled in size"

Swampscott MA