More about Me


Jennifer Caddigan
Certified Professional Organizer

I’m Jennifer Caddigan and I am a certified Professional Organizer. I would love to help you! I am a Mom of three who knows what it’s like to juggle life on a daily basis. I will help put a plan together that works for YOU and your family. Everyone is different and needs ….

I’m going to be honest, when I started this business 20 years ago, I didn’t even know what a professional organizer was, but it sounded interesting, so I did some research.

After xxx, I decided that THIS was my career path. INSERT WHY HERE.

I have worked with over 200 clients over the course of the past 20 years and I can honestly say, I love what I do. Not only do I help people organize their lives, more importantly, I help them get TIME back in their day due to the systems I help put in place. XXXXXX JEN TO ADD ALL COPY HERE.


I live in Groveland, MA with my husband and three kids. I know what it’s like to run a business, run a household, bring kids to their activities and do everything else in between. After putting systems in place in my home, my kids actually follow them (really!), so XXX JC TO ADD COPY (more personal side if you want)